University Child Development School, Seattle, WA

University Child Development School, Seattle, WA

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Growing List of Schools with Makerspaces:

Community Makerspaces in the Northwest

ADX Portland (Portland, OR)
Offers classes and workshops, and has an established youth STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and making) program.

Fablab Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)
Offers classes and workshops, with experience in working with groups of teachers for professional development.

Metrix Create:Space (Seattle, WA) 
Offers classes and workshops.

The Foundry (Bellingham, WA)
Offers classes and workshops.


Are you a part of a community makerspace that is interested in working with teachers and schools in the NWAIS on incorporating maker culture and makerspaces into education? Does your makerspace offer workshops and professional development opportunities suitable for teachers? If you would like to have your space listed on the page, please contact Wing.