• Meet throughout the implementation process to check in on progress.

  • Look at data that has been collected and determine how the well the innovation is working.

  • Make changes as needed – but only through consensus.

  • After a complete “cycle” of the innovation (however that was defined in earlier steps) have a culminating review of the data and determine the level of success. This should be done by the same committee that gathered in step one.

  • Reach consensus regarding the overall success of the innovation and next steps (if any) using an appropriate protocol.

  • Make a formal report to the larger community about the innovation and next steps.

Reflective questions after implementation

  • Are we satisfied with the results we found in the data?

    • If we are not, what do we do now?

  • How could we be even more satisfied?

  • Is this working for all constituents?

  • Is this sustainable?

  • What are the next steps? Should we go back to one of the previous steps and re-start there?