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setting norms for collaborative conversations

Why it matters:

-sets expectations for how the group agrees to be/act together and towards one another

-naming norms adds value and intention and promotes a shared understanding of the context

Questions to consider:

-What communication values does your organization hold? (What communication values do individuals within the organization hold? Where do these align or differ and does anything need to be done to address this?)

-How do you want conversations to go? What rules does the group want to put in to place?

-What might you need to tell people to help them be successful in conversations?

Examples of possible norms:

-Be hard on content, soft on people

-Be kind, helpful and specific

-Share the air

Reflective Questions About Gathering a Community of Practice

  • Why do we need to make a change?

  • Who are the key constituents?

  • Who might be impacted by this work (both inside and outside the org)?

  • Who might have important skills/perspectives/insights that could help the work (both expected and unexpected and inside or outside the org)?

  • What are can COP members expect?

  • What are our participation expectations?