2017 NWAIS Makerfest @ The Evergreen School

Submissions are closed!

However, if you have a last minute project that didn't quite make it, contact the organizers and we'll see what we can do!

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The NWAIS MakerFest is a festival to celebrate our students' maker projects and their maker mindset. It is an opportunity for K-12 students to showcase their creativity and work in a variety of categories, talk with like-minded peers, and both inspire and be inspired. It will be held at The Evergreen School in Shoreline, WA on 3/12/17 from 10AM to noon. 

Since the MakerFest is driven completely by student projects and exhibitions, we need your help to make it succeed. We need both student projects to showcase and attendees to enjoy all these wonderful exhibits. Special consideration is given to students and student groups interested in hosting an interactive table where they will teach attendees a new skill or how to use a specific tool. We invite students, families, and teachers from NWAIS schools to come see the amazing projects our students are making, and students to participate as makers by entering their projects.

Submission FAQ

Who Can Enter?

The only requirements for entry is that the student submitting the proposal is currently enrolled in an NWAIS member school and that a teacher at the school is willing to approve the project and serve as a point of contact between the student and the Makerfest organizers.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a free event for both attendees and exhibitors! There are no fees associated with the application or exhibition process. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel assistance or stipends. Students, families, or schools will be responsible for the transportation of the projects.

How Many Projects Will There Be?

While we hope to include as many students and projects as possible, we may have to turn some projects away due to space limitations. In the case that we cannot accept all applicants we will select as many projects to exhibit as possible. We may also have to turn away potentially dangerous projects at the discretion of the facilities staff of The Evergreen School, the host of the Makerfest.


We are looking for a diverse collection of projects, including:

  • Arts/Crafts
  • Engineering
  • Food
  • Green/Sustainability
  • Music
  • Science
  • Technology/Robotics

Projects do not need to be academic. They can be for a class, school club, or for fun and interest. For their exhibition, students can demonstrate an individual project, or demonstrate use of a tool, skill or technique related to making and creating. Students will have the chance to talk with peers and the public about their work. We believe the process is more important than the finished product, and we want to see students share their process with attendees.

Students to enter projects individually, or as a group, class, or club!

Spread the Word

Help us make NWAIS Makerfest 2017 a success. Tell your fellow teachers, students, parents, and other community members at NWAIS schools about the Makerfest.

Download and print out these Makerfest posters!

Share the promotional video to your students/classmates; or show it during a school assembly!

Contact Information

The 2017 NWAIS MakerFest is organized by:

  • Adrienne Gifford (Open Window School)
  • Colin Monaghan (The Evergreen School)
  • Geneva Hinchliffe (The Overlake School)
  • Jeff Tillinghast (University Prep)
  • Lindsey Own (The Evergreen School)
  • Santosh Zachariah (The Evergreen School)
  • Wing L. Mui (The Overlake School).

Questions? Contact Lindsey at lown@evergreenschool.org.

The first NWAIS MakerFest was hosted by University Prep in May 2015 and was funded by the NWAIS Fellowship for Innovative Collaboration.
The second NWAIS MakerFest was hosted by The Overlake School in May 2016.

Photos on this page were taken at the 2015 and 2016 NWAIS Makerfests by Santosh Zachariah.