Finding Your Team

Do You Have a Great Idea For a Fellowship Project, But Aren’t Sure Where To Find Team Members?  

The Fellowship for Collaborative Innovation requires that team members represent more than one NWAS school.  It is encouraged for teams to represent different divisions, subjects and roles as well.  We have heard from potential applicants that it can be a challenge to connect with other educators who share their passion.  That is why we have posted this blog.  Potential applicants can post below.  Whether you are starting a team from scratch or you just need one more person to round out your group, share below and connect.  Building a network of colleagues who share your passion is one of the many professional development opportunities that occur throughout the Fellowship Application process.  Enjoy meeting and getting to know your Association colleagues.

Please post in the comment section: 

  • Your Name
  • Role
  • School
  • School Email Address
  • Your topic of interest.  
  • If you are looking for a very specific skill set you can post that here as well

If you are interested in a post you can comment back or contact the person via email.

Questions? Contact Emily McGrath at